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Ucluelet Whale Watching!

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Come experience an amazing day on the water discovering more about Ucluelet and the local marine life on Canada's Pacific Coast. Ucluelet boasts some of Vancouver Island's most breathtaking scenery and wildlife including the Broken Group Islands, the Pacific Rim National Park, whales, sea lions, eagles, shore birds, and bears.

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A Perfect Whale Watching Experience

With a focus on finding whales, we will also encounter a multitude of wildlife unique to the area. Pacific Herring returning to spawn in the spring attract a wealth of predatory species including Black Bears, Coastal Wolves, Sea Lions, Salmon, Bald Eagles, and an abundance of other marine birds and fish. Each year more than 20,000 Gray whales travel along the west coast of Vancouver Island, between early March and late May. Gray whales have the longest known migration of any mammal, more than 16,000 km round trip, between their winter mating and calving lagoons in Baja, Mexico, to their summer feeding grounds of the Bering Sea. We’ll also be keeping a keen look out for the sea otter populations that are currently returning to Barkley Sound and actively transforming near-shore ecosystems.

Whale Watching Tour

Cameron Ocean Adventures whale watching tours are approximately 3.5 hours in length. This will include various stops at different points of interest within the protected waters of Barkley Sound or many of the other wildlife areas. While viewing whales and other marine wildlife, the vessel will be positioned parallel to the animals which allows for excellent photo opportunities.



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Please bring the following items for a successful day on the water:

Hat to cover your head Light jacket to stay warm Pants also to keep warm Wear Comfortable shoes
Camera to take memorable photos Snacks in case you get hungry Waterproof bag to hold belongings Bring Your Smile!
Are whales seen on every trip?

While we make every attempt to locate whales, we can not guarantee 100% that whales will be spotted. However, the likelihood of seeing whales on our whale watching tours is very high, as Ucluelet is one of the most densely populated areas on Vancouver Island for marine life. We do our best in every way to make sure you have a fun and successful whale watching experience.

Can anyone go on your trips?

Yes, most can go on whale watching tours. All ages from babies, young children, adults, and seniors are welcome! We do recommend caution to pregnant women and/or people with injuries/disabilities particularly with back/neck problems as the movement of the boat may cause injury. The captain will have final decision before departure.

Are there bathrooms on the boat?

Yes there is bathroom facilities. It's advised to use restroom facilities prior to boarding.

Can we hear whales?

Yes, if our boat is close enough to the whales you can hear them breath as they come up for air.

How do you locate whales?

Locating whales is a combination of distant whale spout sightings, information spotting from our team of other boats and learning the whales behaviour and migratory routs in our local area.

What is the proper attire?

Guests are advised to dress warmly for their tour. Wear pants and bring a sweatshirt. Also, please bring jacket to help break the wind. We do not recommend wearing open-toed shoes or sandals.

What's the best time of day to see whales?

There is no best time to view whales as they appear at many different parts of the day. We will attempt to do our best to spot the best location for where whales have been spotted.

What happens if I get sea sick?

For those who easily get sea sick, we recommend that you seat yourself at the back of the boat. Should you need to throw-up, do so at the back of the boat. We will make every effort to make the boat journey as smooth as possible, however, we cannot guarantee smoothness of ride due to changeable nature of waves and weather conditions.

Who takes care of us on the boat?

The boat captain and crew will take care of you on your tour journey.

Where are you located?

We are located at the bottom of Main Street right on the Whiskey Landing Dock.


Tour Cost
$109 per adult plus tax.

Tour Duration
Appx 3 hours

Morning Tour
Starting March 15

Afternoon Tour
Starting June 01

Note: Guests are advised to dress warmly for their tour. Wear pants and bring a sweatshirt. Also, please bring a jacket to help break the wind. We do not recommend wearing open-toed shoes or sandals.

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